Hegels 4 Men

Pelvic Muscle Training for the Male Pelvic Floor

Hegels 4 Men

Pelvic Muscle Training for the Male Pelvic Floor

Hegels - different from kegels

Hegels - Training for the Male Pelvic Floor

In 1948  Dr Arnold Kegel described pelvic floor exercises based on his female patients (Obs & Gyn Specialist). They have since become known as Kegels. And they work pretty well for a female pelvic floor, but don't transfer well to the masculine version.

The male pelvic apparatus is a different  set of plumbing and muscles demanding a different pattern of recruitment and training to improve their efficiency.

One in Ten


One in ten men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Many will undergo treatment such as surgery or radiation which may leave him incontinent and/or with erectile dysfunction. Research confirms that the right training program for his pelvic floor muscles will improve both these conditions restoring his quality of life, reducing  risk of depression and in the process becoming more healthy.

It's All About Gravity


This dude has not only turned around, he has improved his posture by standing tall. In doing so, he has flattened his belly, straightened his spine and balanced his head over his shoulders. And he has engaged his anti-gravity muscles, including his pelvic floor. This takes mental and physical effort to initiate and sustain.

The 5-Level Hegel program also takes mental and physical effort to be successful but like the transition above, the results will be worth it.

Hegels - training for the male pelvic floor

Start Here


 Discover the right pelvic floor muscles to train, how to engage them without over-whelming with abs and butt muscles. Then learn the gentle of art of slow ramping and 30% holds. 

Progress to Power


 Bring the high level control with the 'Fire & Hold' and the 'Fire and Relax' training program. Power to your pelvic floor. 

Increase Control


 Use your training to develop urge control and increased bladder capacity. Simple tricks and skills to master continence and volume. 

Real World Control


Integrating control into the real world. Mastering hydration, girth control and pre-setting strategies for ongoing success.

Optional: Take it to a New Level


This optional level is not for every bloke. Integrate your Level One and Two programs into a gym-style total body workout. Awesome.

Here is your Instruction Manual


This book contains the five levels plus more information on improving continence, erectile function and general health to make your survival worth the effort.

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